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Paid To Click (PTC) sites are one of the internet's recent best and easiest method to make money online without investment. PTC sites act as the intermediate between advertisers and viewers. Advertisers pay PTC sites for displaying their advertisement. These PTC sites takes their commission and pays the rest of the amount to the members who view these advertisement. 

You may wonder why they are paying you for simply viewing advertisement. Actual reason is that, the more the number of visitors to a website (website traffic), the more will be their ranking in google search result as per SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. All PTC sites are free to join without any investment. If you have a lot of referrals under you, you can make good income from PTC sites.

Here is an example to show the logic of PTC sites.
Let us assume that you have 30 referrals under you. But all of them will not be active everyday. So we assume 10 active referrals per day. Also, assume that we view 5 advertisement daily.

Earnings per day = $0.01*5 = $0.05.
Referral earnings per day = $0.005*10*5 = $0.25.
Total earnings per day = $0.3.
If you are joining top 10 established PTC sites,
Total earnings per day = $0.3*10 = $3.
Total earnings per month = $3*30 = $90 = Rs.5500.

You need only 10 minutes per day per site. So all you need is less than 2 hours daily. There is nothing to loose from your side other than some time. But many people fail to make money from PTC sites. This is because they join scam PTC sites, which does not pay.
Note : Most scam sites will have a maximum life span less than a year and will offer high payment. Also, they will not have a forum. Forum is a place where users share their experience with other users and owners directly. We can easily find out if a site is genuine by looking forums where recent payment proofs are published by users.

Top 10 sites which pays for viewing advertisements


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