What is a Blog?

Blog is a platform where you can express your opinions and ideas to the world. Blog can be related to any topic in the world. You can create a blog freely by registering on sites which provide free blogs. First of all, you need to select the subdomain name of your blog. After that, you need to write the article/posts, then customize the looks, apply themes, etc.

How to make money from blog?

First of all, you need to select the blogger platform from the list of sites providing free blogs. Then you need to decide what the blog will be about. After deciding, select an appropriate subdomain. Then you need to post quality post regarding that topic. Tell your friends regarding your blog through social medias. After you get sufficient traffic to your blog, apply for Adsense or similar advertisement providing companies. They will place their advertisements in your blog. When ever someone clicks the advertisements in your blog, your account will be credited.

List of Free blog sites

List of companies providing adds to your blog


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