Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Virtual Credit Card

Respected Indian PayPal Users,

If you don't own a Credit Card, and if you want to make purchases with PayPal. Then you have 1 option:
1-> Create a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).
Here is a list of VCC's that can be used in PayPal.

(i) Entropay
(ii) HDFC Bank's NetSafe Cards.
(iii)ICICI Bank's VCC.
- It can be only used if you own a valid ICICI Bank's Credit Card.
(iv) Kotak Mahindra Bank's NetCard.

Please note that most of the VCC's (Except Entropay) are single time use cards which only has a maximum validity of 24-48 hrs. If you use that cards once before expiry time you cannot use the same for the second time.
Also please note that its not safe to use one time use cards in PayPal, because every time you want to transfer money through PayPal you have to generate new VCC & you have to add that card in PayPal for proceeding with transaction & PayPal will limit your account for adding more number of credit cards to it.

Here are the steps to link & confirm the Entropay VCC to PayPal:

First of all go to https://entropay.com and click on 'Sign up now' link to create a new Entropay account.

After creation of your account login and there you can see your free VCC Card.
The VCC contains:
-16 digit Visa Card number.
-Valid From & Valid Through Date.
-Entropay User (You have to type in your Name-as written in your Entropay profile- instead of 'Entropay User' when entering the card details in PayPal or wherever you use this VISA Card).
-& finally CVV.

Then you should add a Payment method to Entropay account before adding this card to PayPal. For that click on Payment Methods > Add new payment method.
And add your VISA or Master Debit Card details.

Entropay will accept all VISA/Master Debit/Credit Cards.

Topup your Entropay card by clicking Manage Cards > Top-up.

Fund your Entropay card atleast with minimum amount (20$) to get it accepted in PayPal. If you try to link the Entropay card without funding it, PayPal will simply reject your card.

The entropay will charge a Fee of 4.95% extra.
That means if you are funding 20$ then then Entropay will charge you 20$ + 0.99$(Fees) = 20.99 $ from your Debit Card.

After successful funding of your Entropay card, link that card with PayPal and confirm it from PayPal.
For confirming the VCC the PayPal will charge 1.95$ from your Credit Card (Here Entropay VCC) and will send a 4 digit code which can obtained from the VCC statement in Entropay account.
It will take 3-4 days for getting the 4 digit code to appear in the entropay statement.
After successful confirmation you can use your PayPal to make purchases.

If you want to make more purchases through PayPal, then fund your Entropay card accordingly.

Alternately you can make use of your VCC directly in any VISA accepted website for making purchases.

Also you can create and destroy any number of VCC's in Entropay from a single account.

Everyone please note that PayPal has a local Toll-Free customer care number for assistance.

(a local Indian Toll Free telephone number)

(9:00 AM IST to 9:00 PM IST, Monday to Sunday)

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