Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Much can I Earn from PTC Sites?

That really depends on you. You will find the answer for this question after reading this article. PTC sites work can be done as part time as well as full time. This work does not require any skills or previous experience. Anyone can start this work without investment. Main highlight is that you require only 10 minutes for a site per day, that too without any initial investment. Even though referrals plays important role in deciding your income, you can earn a lot without even a single referral. Assume that you have registered in 30 PTC sites without any referrals. You will get a minimum of 5 adds per site.

So earnings from one site/day = 5*$0.01 = $0.05.
Earnings from 20 sites/day = 20*$0.05 = $1.
Total Earnings/ Month = 30*$1 = $30 = Rs.1830.

The above calculation applies to all members without any referrals. If you somehow managed to get 10 referrals. 

So new earnings per site/day = (5*$0.01) + (10*5*0.005) = $0.05 + $0.25 = $0.3.
New earnings from 20 sites/day = 20*$0.3 = $6.
New earnings/Month = 30*$6 = $180 = Rs.10,980.

So try to understand the potential of PTC sites and also pass this valuable information to your friends and relatives so that they can also start earning without investment. This can be a solution for many unemployed persons in our country. Also, there are many other methods to add up your earnings. I will be updating other methods in detail soon.


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