Saturday, January 17, 2015


What is EasyHits4U ?

EasyHits4U is an established traffic exchange site since 2003 which brings you real visitors to your blog/website. You just need to visit other member's sites in order to get visitors to your site. In this way, number of visitors to your site can be increased by increasing the visit to other member's sites. If you don't have time to visit, you can pay money and get visitors. Its very cheaper compared to other traffic exchange.


EasyHits4U provides real visitors to your site. This in turn will affect SEO and your site will come up in google search. So you will get even more visitors. Also, for every 1000 visits to other member's sites, you will get $0.3 as bonus. You can withdraw it when it reaches $3 or convert this into credits. You can promote your banner, text add, etc through this site. You can also get referrals for PTC sites by promoting referral link. Since it is an established and paying for more than 12 years, you can invest for advertisement. For your safety, invest small amount at starting and check for the result. If you are satisfied, you can invest more and get more real visitors.


EasyHits4U does not contain forums. Forums are the palace where staffs and members can communicate and help each other. Its the place where members can post their doubts and get solution easily. Also forum gives the clear picture of payments given to the members.


EasyHits4U is one of the most popular traffic exchange site. Note that easyhits4u is not a money making site. The bonus received is simply an added benefit. Its a safe to use site where you get visitors for visiting other's sites. You will surely get benefited for joining this site.


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