Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to make money online from home

How to Make Money Online From Home?

Many of us have already heard about stories regarding people who make money online by sitting at home. Have you ever imagine of such situation where you are simply sitting at home and making money without any pressure? If not, it is the right time to imagine such situation. There are many methods available on internet for making money online from home. 

You cannot make money online without any work. You need to work in order to make money online from home. Many sites are offering such online jobs so that we can do it from home. Keep in mind that you cannot be rich in a day. Also Internet is not a place where you get payment for doing nothing. You need to work hard in order to make money online from home. Online jobs needs a lot of patience and dedication at starting stage. Later on, you can relax freely. 

Note: Never pay anyone for providing you online work. Genuine companies will not ask for registration fee or deposit. Also start working with companies which are paying and are in this field for more than two years. Never make payment for membership upgrade until you receive 2-3 payments from their side. 

Ten methods  to make money online from home are discussed in this site. If you are new to this field, find the basic requirements for starting online job by clicking here. You can start with the first method and after getting familiarized with all site in that method, you can try next method. Also, you can always contact me if you have any doubts.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Introduction to Neobux

What is Neobux?

Neobux is basically a platform system providing a secure, stable and inviting economic model for both members and advertisers to interact.

Like a buzzing night market vendors (advertisers) line up along the busy streets (view advertisements) selling many things (programs, products, & services) from vitamins, clothing's, gadgets, toys, books, antiques, too many other exotic items packed tightly into the small crowd spaces.

You (members) visiting the night market for the very first time is somewhat overwhelm with the rules (T.O.S), music's, people (graphics and features), and bright neon colors (orange & green buttons).

Hopefully after a few days things are a bit calmer as you become more accustom to the new environment.

Let us use some analogies for basic Neobux terms:

Neobux - platform/land

Admin - administrator/landlord

Advertisers - advertisers/business owners

Direct referrals - friends or volunteers

Members - consumers/business owners

Moderator - customer service/police

Recycle - replacing/exchange employees

Referral expiration fees - severance pay

Referral slots - office spaces

Renewal - paying rent/office lease terms

Rented referrals - employees

View Advertisements - the shopping channels (except you get paid a little cash for watching it)

After settling down here in Neobux there are a few choices you may decide to do:

- go elsewhere or other night markets (Neobux is still one of the busiest and innovative)
- stay here as a visitor (free members)
- become a vendor (advertisers)
- start a new business (renting referrals)
- start a nonprofit organization (direct referrals) or use a combination from any of these.

To become a vendor is very easy visit this post (creating an advertisement) the post will explain many of the basics of advertising.

To start a new business takes some resources, patients, efforts, managing skills and dedications.

First you'll need a bank (payment processor) to fund your business with choices of either Payza, Paypal, or Neteller account for cashing out and payment transactions.

Then you can start to rent some offices (referral slots) and hire employees (renting referrals) or have volunteers (direct referrals) to work for you.

The costs for each office space (referral slots) varies depending on how many employees you currently have and/or will hire and how long to keep them.

You can rent each office space (referral slots) at the lease terms (extension) of 15/30/60/90/150/240 days or (autopay) paying rent 1 day at a time.

And each office (referral slot) will come automatically with 1 employee (rented referral) to work (click) for you.

As a new business owner you want to be profitable. Naturally you will need to manage the employees (rented referrals) and see if they are being productive (clicking on ads) or not.

When employees (rented referrals) are not being productive you can replace (recycle) them with a new worker for a small fee (like the hiring cost of finding a new worker).

Since you have already paid for the office space (extension) the new worker would just take over the previous employee's position.

To keep the employees (rented referrals) continuously working for your business you'll need to extend the office lease each time before it expires.

If you decide not to renew the office space (referral slot) then
the employee will be layoff (expired) for a small fee (like a severance paid) along with the office space (referral slot).

As a boss you also get paid from doing your own work (clicking).

And you need to show up each day to work on time (clicking according to server time) and open the door to your business so the employees (rented referrals) can go into their office space (referral slot) and starting work (clicking).

If you don't show up to work the employees can't get in the door and work either so you don't get paid. (golden packs upgrades) are available where you still do get paid when you are out (not able to click) or take a vacation to relax those precious mouse clicking fingers.

You can manage and keep track of the employees (rented referrals) daily performance with the (export list)

That's pretty much it to summarize:

-Click your ads daily according to server time.
-Rent and extend referrals.
-Get some direct referrals (after you have met the mininum requirements of at least 15 days as a member and 100 of your own clicks).
-Manage your referrals wisely (keep daily statistics and use recycling if it's needed and use renewing plans for longer periods to reduce the renewing cost in the long run).
-Buy any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it.
-Repeat the above process.

The more money invested from your own pocket first, the faster you can expand the numbers of rented referrals.

Besides earnings from rented referrals here are few other night market attractions to earn more:
- install adalert which notify you of new ads.
- complete mini jobs
- complete point offers
- complete coin offers

Good luck and see you at the night markets.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Virtual Credit Card

Respected Indian PayPal Users,

If you don't own a Credit Card, and if you want to make purchases with PayPal. Then you have 1 option:
1-> Create a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).
Here is a list of VCC's that can be used in PayPal.

(i) Entropay
(ii) HDFC Bank's NetSafe Cards.
(iii)ICICI Bank's VCC.
- It can be only used if you own a valid ICICI Bank's Credit Card.
(iv) Kotak Mahindra Bank's NetCard.

Please note that most of the VCC's (Except Entropay) are single time use cards which only has a maximum validity of 24-48 hrs. If you use that cards once before expiry time you cannot use the same for the second time.
Also please note that its not safe to use one time use cards in PayPal, because every time you want to transfer money through PayPal you have to generate new VCC & you have to add that card in PayPal for proceeding with transaction & PayPal will limit your account for adding more number of credit cards to it.

Here are the steps to link & confirm the Entropay VCC to PayPal:

First of all go to https://entropay.com and click on 'Sign up now' link to create a new Entropay account.

After creation of your account login and there you can see your free VCC Card.
The VCC contains:
-16 digit Visa Card number.
-Valid From & Valid Through Date.
-Entropay User (You have to type in your Name-as written in your Entropay profile- instead of 'Entropay User' when entering the card details in PayPal or wherever you use this VISA Card).
-& finally CVV.

Then you should add a Payment method to Entropay account before adding this card to PayPal. For that click on Payment Methods > Add new payment method.
And add your VISA or Master Debit Card details.

Entropay will accept all VISA/Master Debit/Credit Cards.

Topup your Entropay card by clicking Manage Cards > Top-up.

Fund your Entropay card atleast with minimum amount (20$) to get it accepted in PayPal. If you try to link the Entropay card without funding it, PayPal will simply reject your card.

The entropay will charge a Fee of 4.95% extra.
That means if you are funding 20$ then then Entropay will charge you 20$ + 0.99$(Fees) = 20.99 $ from your Debit Card.

After successful funding of your Entropay card, link that card with PayPal and confirm it from PayPal.
For confirming the VCC the PayPal will charge 1.95$ from your Credit Card (Here Entropay VCC) and will send a 4 digit code which can obtained from the VCC statement in Entropay account.
It will take 3-4 days for getting the 4 digit code to appear in the entropay statement.
After successful confirmation you can use your PayPal to make purchases.

If you want to make more purchases through PayPal, then fund your Entropay card accordingly.

Alternately you can make use of your VCC directly in any VISA accepted website for making purchases.

Also you can create and destroy any number of VCC's in Entropay from a single account.

Everyone please note that PayPal has a local Toll-Free customer care number for assistance.

(a local Indian Toll Free telephone number)

(9:00 AM IST to 9:00 PM IST, Monday to Sunday)

Hope you got benefited from this site. Help me to improve this site by providing suggestions through comments.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Clixsense Strategy

I think most of you will be a member of the great site Clixsense. Clixsense is one of the legit paying site established on 2007. It is mainly a PTC(Pay to click) site. This means that clixsense will pay you for clicking the advertisement and viewing till the timer ends. You may wonder why they are paying for viewing adds. Website owners will pay PTC sites for displaying their site in their platform. This PTC sites will take a small commission and give rest of the amount to the registered members, who view these adds. Website owners will get more traffic from these PTC sites, which in turn results in the higher ranking in google search, as per SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Clixsense also provides many other earning oppertunities in their site.

Under 'survey' tab, complete the profile and check for the available surveys. Also, you will be invited to participate on surveys, if surveys according to you profile are available. We cannot guarantee that, we will qualify and get payment for all invited surveys. There will be some questions for screening. If we pass the screening, we are taken to the main survey and after successful completion of survey, amount will be credited to the clixsense balance.

Another option to earn money  is from 'offers' tab. There will be simple offers, which when completed, will result in balance credit. Offers will be like downloading application to your smartphone and installing them. Don't worry, you can uninstall them after your balance got credited. Other than offers from clixsense, they also provide third party sites like Persona.ly, TrialPay, RadiumOne, Matomy, Supersonic, SuperRewards, TockenAds, OfferToro, Adscend, etc. to increase our earnings.

Main earning area of clixsense is from 'tasks'. In this tab, third party site named crowdflower will provide mini jobs. It will be simple data entry jobs. At first, we will not get many jobs. So whenever job is available, we should do it with high accuracy. First 10-15 jobs will be analyzed and accuracy badge will be given. So if we have high accuracy, we will get more and more jobs and vice versa.

There is one tab named 'Clixgrid' where you can test your luck by playing game. It is a 30*20 matrix with each grid is linked with an advertisement. We need to click a random grid and an advertisement will open up in new window. After timer ends, we can know the result. We can earn $0.10, $0.25, $1.00, $5.00, $10$ or extra chances to play this game. Free members have 30 chances and premium members have 60 chances to win clixgrid per day.

Finally, you can make money from referrals also. There will be a referral link in your profile. Promote this link in social medias and share it with your friends. So whenever a person click this link and join clixsense they will be you referral. We will get a percentage of whatever our referral earns. So promote your link and try to get maximum referrals.

By upgrading your membership to Premium, you can even double your income. But I personally advise you to pay membership fee from the money you made from this site. If you are ready to pay at starting itself, its well and good.

If anyone missed this great site, join under me by clicking the below link. I will be always there to support you with more tips and tricks if you join under me.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Free Blogging Sites

There are many sites which provide free blogging platforms. We can customize the blog as we wish.

3. Blog

4. Tumblr

5. Webs

6. Wix

7. Weebly

8. Penzu

9. Svbtle

10. Medium


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Data Entry Jobs

Best Data Entry Sites

Genuine and paying data entry job providing sites are given below.

I am still working on many data entry sites. Once I get payment, I will update the name of that site to the above list.

If you know any genuine paying sites, you can help me in updating the list easily by providing the details through comments. Thanks in advance.

Make Money From Surveys

Surveys are the best method to make money online. Express your opinion and get rewarded with money or gifts. Top paying survey sites are given below.

6. MyView 

9. ipoll

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Make money for reading mails

Top sites providing money mails

Below are the list of sites which provide paid advertisement to your mail. You need to open mail and click on the link. New window will open up with advertisement. Wait till you get notification regarding account credit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Best paying PTC sites

Best paying PTC sites

When you are searching for online job, you may come across many methods to make money online. PTC sites are one of the best way to make money online without investment. Out of which there are three well established paying sites since 6+ years.

2. Neobux

Other established paying sites since 2+ years are given below.

1. Buxp

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to set up a paypal account?

What is Paypal Account?

PayPal is a digital wallet which allows payments and money transfers through the Internet. PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment companies established in 1998. Paypal is an American based company which allows users to pay online, receive online and transfer online, for which it charges a fee. In India, we can only receive money through paypal. If you want to pay using paypal, you need to link an international credit card. 

Online payment sites cannot pay money directly to your Indian bank account. So Paypal acts as an intermediate between payer and our receiving bank. As per RBI regulation, whenever payment is received to a paypal account in India, it will be transferred automatically to your linked bank account within 7 days.

How to set up free paypal account?

1. Go to paypal official website www.paypal.com.

2. Click sign up button at the top right of the homepage.
3. Select the country.

4. Select 'Get Started' under first box, ie, select 'An account for individuals'.
5. Now 'Enter your information' page will come. Please enter e-mail, password, First name, last name, date of birth, Nationality, address and mobile number.
Note: You name on paypal and the name printed on your PAN card should be same. You cannot change your name at later stages and your account will not be verified.

6. Adding credit/Debit card is optional. Now click 'Agree and create account'.
7. Now you get a page similar to the below image. Click on 'Go to your account' which is located at the bottom of the page.

8. You have successfully registered on paypal. Whenever you login to paypal, you will come to My Account page as shown below.

9. Please check your mail and click on the confirmation mail in order to activate your account.
10. Now click on the profile tab.

11. Click 'Add' to add the PAN card number.
12. Click 'My Money' from the left box.

13. Click 'Add my bank' to add bank account number and IFSC code of your bank.
14. Click 'Add' and  give 'Advertising and Market Research' as purpose code.
15. You have finished setting up paypal account. Now you can receive money from anyone by simply providing your mail-id.

Different Methods to Make Money Online

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Basic Requiremets for Online Jobs

Basic Requirements for Online Jobs

Below are the basic requirements for all the online jobs.

1. Computer/Laptop.
2. Internet connection.
3. Email-id.
4. Bank Account.
5. PAN Card.
6. Paypal Account.

You can make money online if you have a computer/laptop with internet connectivity. Register on genuine and paying online job providing sites with your mail-id. You cannot receive foreign money directly to your Bank Account. For that, you need a paypal account, which is a trusted online wallet to receive payments from online job sites. If you don't have a paypal account, you can create a free account from www.paypal.com. Click here to get step by step procedure for creating paypal account. You need to add your bank account (A/C No and IFSC Code only) and PAN card number to paypal in order to withdraw money to your bank account. PAN card number is a must as per Indian regulations. If you don't have a PAN card, apply for a new PAN card and start working as PAN card is only needed at the time of money transfer to your bank account.

Note: Only one person from a family can make money online with one computer and internet connection. If more persons need to work, you need different computer and different internet connection. Also, never create multiple accounts. Never use mobile instead of computer/laptop to do the job. If you violate any of the above rules, your account may get suspended.

How to Create Paypal Account?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Top 10 Established PTC Sites

There are two well established and legit paying sites in PTC world. They are like King and Queen of PTC world !

1. ClixSense

>> Since February 2007.
>> Minimum Payout $8. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Browser Toolbar With Instant Notification of New Ads Available.
>> Earn Up To $0.02 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.008 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Affiliate Program.
>> Payments Via Check, PayPal and PayToo.
>> Win ClixGrid Daily Prizes and Participation in Weekly Contests.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily. 

Join Now                                                                     More Details

2. NeoBux

>> Since March 2008.
>> Minimum Payout $2. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.02 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.01 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Rented Referrals.
>> Payments Via PayPal, Payza and Netteler.
>> Win AdPrize Daily Prizes.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads.  

Join Now                                                                     More Details

Other established paying sites in PTC world are as follows:

3. BuxP

>> Since 2008.
>> Minimum Payout $6.99. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.011 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.006 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Rented Referrals.
>> Payments Via PayPal and Payza.
>> Win Jackpot Weekly Prizes.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads.  

Join Now                                                                    More Details

4. Cash Camel

>> Since March 2011.
>> Minimum Payout $0.01. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.0002 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.0001 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Affiliate Program.
>> Payments Via PayPal and Payza.
>> With click exchange, make more traffic to your site.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily. 

Join Now                                                                     More Details

5. CashNhits

>> Since 2010.
>> Minimum Payout $0.60. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.01 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.005 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Autosurfing.
>> Payments Via PayPal and Payza.
>> Win Lottery Daily Prizes.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads.  

Join Now                                                                     More Details

6. CashOns

>> Since 2010.
>> Minimum Payout $1. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.001 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.0001 Per Referral Click.
>> Payments Via PayPal and Payza.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily. 

Join Now                                                                     More Details

7. Twickerz

>> Since 2011.
>> Minimum Payout $1.50. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.04 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.02 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Rented Referrals.
>> Payments Via PayPal and Payza.
>> Win TwickGrid Daily Prizes.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads.  

Join Now                                                                     More Details

8. Bucks 24/7 

>> Since 2009. 
>> Minimum Payout $2.47. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.005 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.0025 Per Referral Click.
>> Earn Even More With Affiliate Program.
>> Payments Via Check, PayPal, Payza, EgoPay, OKPay, STP and PM.
>> Win AdGrid Daily Prizes and Participation in Weekly Contests.
>> 60 Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily. 

Join Now                                                                     More Details

9. Wordlinx

>> Since 2003.
>> Minimum Payout $10. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.01 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.0002 Per Referral Click.
>> Payments Via PayPal.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily. 

Join Now                                                                     More Details

10. GPT Planet

>> Since 2010.
>> Minimum Payout $1. No issues regarding payment, till now.
>> Earn Up To $0.01 Per PTC Ad Click and Up To $0.001 Per Referral Click.
>> Payments Via PayPal, Payza and Payeer.
>> Unlimited Direct Referrals and Guaranteed PTC Ads Daily.  

Join Now                                                                     More Details

Saturday, January 17, 2015


What is EasyHits4U ?

EasyHits4U is an established traffic exchange site since 2003 which brings you real visitors to your blog/website. You just need to visit other member's sites in order to get visitors to your site. In this way, number of visitors to your site can be increased by increasing the visit to other member's sites. If you don't have time to visit, you can pay money and get visitors. Its very cheaper compared to other traffic exchange.


EasyHits4U provides real visitors to your site. This in turn will affect SEO and your site will come up in google search. So you will get even more visitors. Also, for every 1000 visits to other member's sites, you will get $0.3 as bonus. You can withdraw it when it reaches $3 or convert this into credits. You can promote your banner, text add, etc through this site. You can also get referrals for PTC sites by promoting referral link. Since it is an established and paying for more than 12 years, you can invest for advertisement. For your safety, invest small amount at starting and check for the result. If you are satisfied, you can invest more and get more real visitors.


EasyHits4U does not contain forums. Forums are the palace where staffs and members can communicate and help each other. Its the place where members can post their doubts and get solution easily. Also forum gives the clear picture of payments given to the members.


EasyHits4U is one of the most popular traffic exchange site. Note that easyhits4u is not a money making site. The bonus received is simply an added benefit. Its a safe to use site where you get visitors for visiting other's sites. You will surely get benefited for joining this site.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Much can I Earn from PTC Sites?

That really depends on you. You will find the answer for this question after reading this article. PTC sites work can be done as part time as well as full time. This work does not require any skills or previous experience. Anyone can start this work without investment. Main highlight is that you require only 10 minutes for a site per day, that too without any initial investment. Even though referrals plays important role in deciding your income, you can earn a lot without even a single referral. Assume that you have registered in 30 PTC sites without any referrals. You will get a minimum of 5 adds per site.

So earnings from one site/day = 5*$0.01 = $0.05.
Earnings from 20 sites/day = 20*$0.05 = $1.
Total Earnings/ Month = 30*$1 = $30 = Rs.1830.

The above calculation applies to all members without any referrals. If you somehow managed to get 10 referrals. 

So new earnings per site/day = (5*$0.01) + (10*5*0.005) = $0.05 + $0.25 = $0.3.
New earnings from 20 sites/day = 20*$0.3 = $6.
New earnings/Month = 30*$6 = $180 = Rs.10,980.

So try to understand the potential of PTC sites and also pass this valuable information to your friends and relatives so that they can also start earning without investment. This can be a solution for many unemployed persons in our country. Also, there are many other methods to add up your earnings. I will be updating other methods in detail soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to Get Referrals and traffic to your site?

Need Referrals and website traffic?

For most of the online jobs, you need referrals to improve your earning. Are you looking for referrals? There are many different ways to make referrals. Many sites are offering guaranteed referrals for some $. Also, there are sites where we get referrals without investment. I am concentrating on the sites which provide referrals without investment. These sites will also give traffic to your sites, which in turn, puts your sites on top places in google search. Sites providing such services and a brief description of each is given below.

1.   Downlinerefs

Official Site : www.downlinerefs.com

Investing in your most profitable home business opportunity is the key to success in multi-level marketing. One of the main ways to achieve this success is by building a strong referral downline. Here at DownlineRefs, thousands of users are exploring the best PTC programs available today. Therefore, DownlineRefs is an ideal target to put up your banner advertisments for your programs. Downlinerefs is a referral-source for your free home business opportunities, like Paid to Click programs. With downlinerefs service you can build a free downline, which allows you to make even more money in your programs. Now you can build a downline without spending one single dollar on referral packages. I personally recommend this site for improving your earnings.


2.  Easyhits4u

Official Website : www.easyhits4u.com

Easyhits4u promotes your ads to their members. Easyhits4u have delivered billions of ad views and site visits to their members since 2003. Free and easy to use, Easyhits4u is one of the most prominent internet marketing programs on the web with over 883,297 members. For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link. There's no limit to free visits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000. If you have no time to view sites, you can purchase visits right after signup. In addition to free promotional services and tools you will also receive $0.30 for 1000 pages viewed. 

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

3. Linkreferral

Official Website : www.linkreferral.com

Linkreferral provides free advertising for web sites, blogs, personal pages and affiliate links. Linkreferral services provide several different online marketing strategies including network, social and search traffic. It's no risk, take a minute to signup and start receiving web traffic immediately. Advertise for free now. Receive 100's of authentic, quality, targeted visitors per day. Receive valuable written visitor feedback. Network with 400,000+ of your peers. Get it all free of charge. Register now and enjoy.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Neobux Review - Legit or Scam site?


Everyone who is trying to make money online may already come across with Neobux. Neobux is one of the top most established site since 2008 which is paying without any issues. In this review, we will go in detail and find out whether neobux is legit or scam. After knowing the pros and cons of neobux, you can decide whether to join this site or not. 


Neobux is a very old site. Most of the scam sites will have a life span less than a year. Neobux contains forums. It is where members can communicate with owner and other members for support. There is no issues related to the payment till date. You will get more than 20 adds daily. There are offer section where you can earn a lot. Just download and install apps in your mobile, new sign ups, etc are there for easy earning. Also third-party site crowdflower is providing tasks where you can earn maximum. There is also Adprize  section where you can check your luck daily. You may win upto $50 or a golden membership through adprize. We know that the main income source of any PTC sites are from referrals. Neobux offers rented referrals along with normal direct referrals. Rented referrals are those users who sign up at neobux without a sponsor. This is a great relief for members with fewer referrals. You can easily increase earning by upgrading to golden membership.


You can earn only a small amount at starting. You need to click at least 4 fixed adds today in order to get tomorrow's referral earnings. Golden membership cost very high. There is no guarantee that rented referral will click regularly. Need lot of patience to attain steady income. New members may get little confusion regarding concepts of earning in this site.


Neobux is an established legit paying site since 2008. Many people join this site and leaves before cashout due to low earnings at starting. This can be solved by doing more mini jobs. By patience and efficient management of rented referrals, you can earn a lot of money from Neobux. By purchasing golden membership, you can even double your earnings, that too by spending only 30 minutes per day. So if you are looking for stable monthly earning for future and have patience, you can join Neobux as a free standard member. Those who want to make huge money from starting can invest $90 and start earning from today.

make money online

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clixsense Review - Legit or Scam site?


You may be already a member of Clixsense since you are interested in online jobs. Clixsense is mainly a PTC (Paid To Click) site. Clixsense is one of the top established site since 2007 and is paying till now without any issues. In this section, I will be reviewing both positive and negative sides of Clixsense. You can decide whether to join clixsense or not after going through this detailed review.

Positive Side:

Clixsense is one of the oldest site which is still paying without any issues. Most of the scam PTC sites will not have a life span greater than 1 year. Second thing about clixsense is that, it has forum. Forum is the place where members get support and feedback from site admin and other members. Members can post their doubts and opinion on the forums. There are a lot of payment proof posted by the members in the forums. I personally registered in clixsense and got two payments. Support from the side or admin is quick. For support, you have to file a ticket. Admin will contact you through mail. 
There are lot of options to earn through this site. Clixsense is primarily a PTC site. There are lot of advertisements for clicking. You can click each advertisement and view for 10-30 seconds depending on the advertisement and your account will be credited. Adds will be regularly coming. There are fixed adds, which will be refreshed in every 24 hours. Premium member will get more adds daily. Its not a must to become premium member. You can earn a lot from clixsese with a standard, free membership. 
Second option to earn from clixsense is by participating on surveys. Your surveys, Opinion world and Opinion surveys provide surveys regularly. If you are qualified for the survey, you will be invited for surveys. After successful completion of surveys, you will be paid $0.75 - $3 or more depending on the participated survey. 
Third earning method is by completing offers. Clixsense will pay for completing offers. Apart from clixsense offer, there are many third party sites like Persona.ly, TrialPay, RadiumOne, Matomy, Supersonic, SuperRewards, TockenAds, OfferToro, Adscend, etc, which provide offers. On completion of offer, your account will be credited. Offers will be changing daily. Examples of the offers are like downloading and installing apps to your mobile, viewing videos, sign ups, etc. You can uninstall the apps after account got credited.
Fourth method to earn is by doing tasks. Tasks are provided by third party site CrowdFlower. Tasks are the main earning area in clixsense. You can do unlimited tasks throughout the day subjected to availability of task. If your accuracy is high, you will get more and more tasks with higher payment. At starting, you many find only little tasks. Do the available task as much as possible keeping accuracy. Accuracy is the factor which depends on the availability of high paying tasks. Even if your accuracy is low, you will get tasks.
ClixGrid is the place where you can test your luck. It is a 30*20 matrix with each grid linked with an advertisement. You have to click a grid randomly so that an advertisement will load. After countdown timer finishes, yo will know the result, ie, you are lucky or not. You will be getting $0.10, $0.25, $1.00, $5.00, $10$ or extra chances to play this game. Free members have 30 chances and premium members have 60 chances to win clixgrid. 
Another option to earn on clixsense is by adding new members to the clixsense family. You will get small percentage of the total work by new member. Its optional. You can earn a lot even without referrals. These are the positive sides of clixsense.

Negative Side:

Clixsense depend on advertisers for adds. Some adds are geo-targeted. So some countries will get more adds than other countries. But minimum guaranteed adds will be present. I am from India, and getting many adds regularly. 
Only one member from a house can register in clixsense since they will look for ip address of your computer at the time of registration. Only one account per computer is allowed. If you violate this rule, your account may get suspended. Also, you cannot use Proxy/VPN/VPS.
Cashout limit is too high as $8.00.


Clixsense is paying regularly without any issues till now. No need of investment. By upgrading, you will get guaranteed adds plus additional adds. Minimum payout for premium member is as low as $6.00. So I personally recommend clixsence. First start with free membership and earn money. Using the earned money, you can upgrade to premium member and increase your earnings.